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The Challenge

Finding the right anime can be hard, especially if there are thousands of them. There are sites like MyAnimeList (MAL) where you can search for them by certain filters but it’s not user friendly at all. The challenge here is to use an API for getting the data from MAL and build a user friendly interface with a new programming language (Svelte).

The Goal

The goal was to create a well known website with a user friendly interface that makes the life of anime watchers easier by letting them search anime with setted filters and only getting the results they are looking for.

The Process

Since this was my first time trying the new language “Svelte” I had thought it could be a bit difficult to use it. But suprisingly enough, it was really easy to use since it’s very simple stuctured. The only difficult part was to focus on the UX. I had multiple designs and approaches to solve certain issues. I’ve tested them and realized they were not so good as expected so I reconstructed them many times. I had my friends as testers and they helped me on this project with their reviews

The Conclusion

This was probably my most UX based project I’ve had. It really was entertaining. But since my resources and time is very limited on personal projects I was a bit disappointed at the end. There could’ve been so much more to this project like extra functions as Watchlist, personal account with rating system, or direct search feature and so on. UX could also be improved, as UX is not a one-time thing. It’s a continues work over months, years.

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