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The Challenge

Create a bike brand that focuses entirely on minimalist fixies (singlespeed bikes). The bikes should look good, be well built and easy to maintain. Since the bikes have only one gear, the challenge is to convince the visitors of the website that a bike with one gear can also be very appealing and is enough for most people that live in the city.

The Goal

Create a corporate design that visually represents the values of the fictitious company and expresses the advantages of a fixie. This includes the logo, web design, color scheme and shapes. Developing the final result in HTML and CSS

The Process

This was my first full personal project. Before that I had many small projects where something was always missing, be it the logo, website, development. This was the first time I had set out to do everything since I taught myself to program and there were nothing left I could’n"t do. Only the 3D bike is not my work. I put it in Blender and rendered it in mutliple perspectives.

The Conclusion

As with all personal projects, I have enjoyed learning and developing myself. I learned how to develop a memorable brand. How to transfer the values and the vision of the company to the appearance. Last but not least, I learned a lot of programming while developing this website.

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